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Community Gardens


We fell in love with the idea of the Oranjezicht City Farm Project as it encompasses all which we hold dear and value - a neighbourhood non-profit project celebrating local food, culture and community. A first for Cape Town, this inner-city farm initiative will provide affordable organic vegetables to the City Bowl residents while inviting all to participate.

Piloted by Sheryl Ozinsky and managed by Mario Graziani, OZCF seeks to reconnect not only the neighbourhood but the whole of Cape Town to this neglected piece of heritage through design, gardening activity and outreach.

Homestead Park in Upper Orange Street, Oranjezicht is a true city treasure. The original Oranjezicht Farmstead, at one time the largest farm in the Upper Table Valley, was occupied by the van Breda family for 7 generations and the family burial tomb still exists in Montrose Avenue. Over time, pieces of the old farmstead was sold off due to the water needs of the expanding settlement, the last remaining land and homestead only sold in 1947, to the City of Cape Town. A derelict park for many years, it is only through the care of the community in recent times that this beautiful park has been restored and opened to the public to enjoy.

By investing in this unique project we believe that, as an organisation, we are investing in the growth of our community and we are proud to be associated with this proactive and inclusive initiative.


The Legacy


The legacy of Madame Zingara dates back to 2001, when she first opened her doors and won over the hearts of the Mother City as a whimsical restaurant in Loop Street. This enchanting bohemian eatery became an immediate success with its warm and welcoming dining experience, decadently fused with the wild spirit of the gypsy. Sadly, late in 2006, tragedy struck and the entire restaurant was lost to a fire, leaving little more than a shell and a devastated crew. Unable to rebuild what was lost, the Zingara family fought back and so the Theatre of Dreams was born – a mesmerizing travelling dinner theatre housed in one of the last remaining antique mirror tents in the world. At the end of 2008 Madame Zingara left South African shores and headed for London to share her magic with the world. However, unfortunately the global economic crash of that year affected the Madame as severely as it did so many companies, and once again the Zingara crew faced an uncertain future. However, true to form, within months, the irrepressible Zingara bounced back and so the eclectic Bombay Bicycle Club was born. Before long the Theatre of Dreams was back in SA, enthralling audiences nationwide with the unique dinner theatre cirque spectacular. Being a Cape Town based company, it seemed only right to put down roots and lovingly restore and resurrect landmark city restaurants, and the stable now includes Café Paradiso, The Sidewalk Café, Bombay Bicycle Club, Café Mozart and Manhattan Café.


CSI and I Love My Hood:


Madame Zingara has always believed in giving back to the community which supports us and in which we thrive, and our entire journey has been proudly and wholeheartedly based on this premise. Working with organisations such as Ikamva Labantu, Reach for a Dream, MyLife and Nicro, the journey has been hugely rewarding as well as an incredible experience. From the decadent fun of our Charity Balls in Loop Street to building houses for those in need, our entire crew has been involved and benefited greatly from these alliances. We are also of the firm belief that a community is only as strong as the people who live within it and it is not only up to the authorities to ensure our communities are happy, clean and secure – it is up to each and every one of us to make a difference and take responsibility and pride in the community in which we live and work. It is with this in mind that the I Love My Hood campaign was initiated and, what started out as an edgy tag campaign, has become an established initiative, embraced by many communities, and incorporating a unique retail sector which benefits those most in need.




Our company is built to embrace the challenges of modern day life in South Africa and, at Madame Zingara, our staff are our single greatest asset – to be treasured and nurtured. With support crew, guidance and counselling, we provide our people with all the tools necessary to take on the extreme sport that is Madame Zingara. We warmly welcome people from all walks of life, embracing all with the emphasis on family. Our greatest target every year is job creation and we are passionately striving to recruit and provide work for 600 staff by the end of 2013. Madame Zingara thanks our valued and cherished staff who have contributed so selflessly to the growth and love of our company. They truly are the cornerstone of the company and who we are.


Education and Training


Our goal for 2013 is to have over 450 of our crew in training. This free in-house education is created and designed to capacitate, empower and skill all members of staff, regardless of designation or standing with the primary goals being to entrench responsible work ethics and to potentially fill any gaps that might have been missed along life’s way. We have a no hand out policy which means whatever we work for we can earn but that there is no limit placed on what we can achieve.

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